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Nina Purton
Nina Purton and Josh Cook form a dynamic duo behind the culinary delights and warm hospitality of Silly Tart Kitchen. Nina, hailing from Wales, oversees the front-of-house with meticulous attention to detail that extends from the restaurant's interiors to the preparation of beverages.

Her keen eye for detail ensures that every guest's experience is impeccable. Josh, from the Southern Highlands, is the creative force in the kitchen.
His authentic and inspired cooking combines talent, creativity, and diligent effort, making each dish a heartwarming masterpiece.

Beginning in 2024, Nina and Josh have expanded their culinary expertise into the digital world by writing informative blogs focused on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews.

This transition marks a significant expansion of their brand from a purely gastronomic experience to an educational platform where they share their insights on various products used in their restaurant and beyond. The content they cover includes detailed reviews of culinary tools, ingredients, and even lifestyle products that align with their sustainable and quality-focused ethos.

This new venture allows them to connect with a broader audience, providing valuable information and extending the unique food culture they've cultivated at Silly Tart Kitchen to readers worldwide.
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